Reasons to visit San Jose Over San Francisco

If you had a choice to visit San Francisco or another city in the Bay area, which one would you choose? A majority of the holiday crowd would choose San Fran. But that’s not the only happening city in northern California.

The cost of living in San Jose

The cost of living in San Jose

The cost of living in San Jose

San Jose is a great place to live because of its hi-tech industries, great weather and cleaner air than most cities in the Bay area. But it is not a cheap place to stay. Thanks to the multi-billion-dollar IT sector, the median home price is around $1 million. But it is still less expensive than other cities in northern California.

 In this article, we will try to give you a fair idea of the cost of living in San Jose.

The cost of housing is the biggest expense to consider if you are planning to move to San Jose. A 900 sqft house in a good area costs around $3000 in monthly rent while the same house in a farther off area would be about $2600.

For two people, the utility bill will be about $150 and the phone bill about $100. If you eat out in the daytime, a basic lunch in the business district will cost you about $15. If you prefer vegan and organic options, it could go up to $30.

If you plan to settle in San Jose because you work close by, choose the reverse traffic option. If you work in Sunnyvale, staying in San Jose will make the commute a miserable one. So find a place with the lowest commute from your workplace.

If you travel using public transport, a monthly ticket of $90 should get you around to most places. If you opt for a taxi, a five-mile ride during business hours will cost you about $20.

 Coming to the nightlife, a dinner for two at a local pub would cost about $55 and movies tickets would be about $15 a person. If you enjoy the theatre, the best seats in the house will cost you around $115 per seat.

 A fancy meal at an Italian restaurant in the uptown area would set you back by $80. Date nights don’t come cheap either. A cocktail costs about $12 in a downtown club, while a Cappuccino would be about $6.

 Two decades ago, San Jose had a very inexpensive living condition. But after the IT boom, most of the Bay area neighbourhoods are occupied by well-paid techies with a median salary of $150,000 or more. As the demand for housing went up, the cost of everything else followed along.

Compared to the other IT cities, San Jose is still relatively cheaper and less polluted. Most of the population is technology workers and the standard of living is high.