Reasons to visit San Jose Over San Francisco

If you had a choice to visit San Francisco or another city in the Bay area, which one would you choose? A majority of the holiday crowd would choose San Fran. But that’s not the only happening city in northern California.

The Best Annual Events In San Francisco

The Best Annual Events In San Francisco

The Best Annual Events In San Francisco

San Francisco is a big tourist magnet on the west coast of the United States. The city is blessed with a nice weather for most of the year and has a diverse population. There are few cities that can attract as many tourists as San Fran. Thanks to tourism, a lot of events happen throughout the year. So, irrespective of when you visit SFO, there is something interesting going on.

Here are some of the most popular events in San Francisco.

If you are visiting San Francisco during February or March, check out the Noise Pop, a music festival. The event is spread across 12 days and features a number of indie artists. Apart from live music, they also screen a dozen independent movies, documentaries and short films.

 During February, SF Sketchfest will also be in town. The fest brings in comedians from all over SF for two weeks. So, if you need a good laugh and love music, plan to visit SF during February.

The Month of June hosts two great events. The first one is the North Beach Festival. It is typically a two-day event filled with food, music, art and crafts. They have two stages with live music and several local favourite bands perform. SF is filled with talented streets artists and you can see a lot of their work in this festival.

The second event is the Union Street Festival. It is an annual event held in the Marina district. Apart from being a typical street fair, it also has wine tasting, a fashion show and a lot of booths on alternative health works.

There is another big event that draws massive crowds to SF during June, Alice Summerthing. This is a free-for-all music event that is headlined by one big name. They also have a lot of up-and-coming artists playing their music at the festival. There will be a lot of food trucks and a carnival-like atmosphere. Previous acts include Kelly Clarkson, Elle King and others.

Chinese New Year Parade is also a very popular event in San Francisco. Owing to its large Asian population, SF has a full month of activities. The parade and all event happen either in January, February, or March based on when the Chinese New Year falls in the year.

  If you want to be a part of just one big celebration, come to San Francisco during the Saint Patrick’s Day. It is the craziest day of the year.