A list of the best dentists in San Jose

Everyone needs a dentist – this is a fact. If you want to take care of your teeth then you must visit a quality dentist. You must have confidence in the service that is being provided. You must also be able to afford the dental treatment. San Jose has a large number of dentists – you can find hundreds of different private surgeries, dental spas, and independent surgeons. But which is the best dentist San Jose has to offer? Choosing can be a pain! To help, we have scoured the web and local resources to bring to you a list of 6 top rated dentists in San Jose:

1. Almaden County Club Dental

Located in the Almaden neighbourhood of San Jose, this dentist has exceptional quality. Dr. Vidya Bobba has a fantastic team and offer a brilliant range of dental services. You only have to read the 5* reviews from satisfied customers to see the quality.

2. Aqua Dentistry

This dentist can handle all major treatments such as root canals, fillings and crowns. They provide both general and cosmetic dental services. Aqua Dentistry has been highly rated for many years and has even won awards for their services.

3. Greenview Dental Care

Yvonne Yang is the main dental surgeon at Greenview Dental care and has a wealth of experience. She works with a team of highly qualified dental hygienists and offers such services as extractions, bridges, fillings and denture fittings.

4. Lubna Azeem, DDS

Located just outside Champagne Fountain, Lubna Azeem is ideally located in San Jose. This dental practice looks fantastic and is extremely welcoming. Moreover, the reviews on Yelp are outstanding – this is one of the top rated dentists on there.

5. Sunnyvale Dental Aesthetics

This dental surgery offers both standard dentists practices, but also a host of cosmetic procedures too. Sunnyvale actually has the honor of serving as the San Fancisco 49ers official dentists too. Their dentist surgery is exceptional and reviews are outstanding.

6. Brilliance Dental Care

Located in the northern parts of San Jose, Brilliance Dental Care is a clean and modern practice with excellent facilities. They offer services such as teeth whitening, emergency care, gum treatments and root canal therapy.

Any one of these dentists will provide you an excellent service. If you want quality dental care then why not see what the above surgeons have to offer. You can rest assured that your teeth will be taken care of and you will have brilliant dental hygiene for years to come!